Thank you. And just wanted to tell you that this sms-200 is the single best improvement to my musical enjoyment of and device I have ever bought.

Ron – Ohio

Everything is up and running - sounds splendid!

 I’m now using the sMS-200 with an sBooster power supply (12 to 13.2v) and the Sonic Transporter i5 for the Roon Core, and the sMS-200 feeds into a Mytek Brooklyn DAC/pre-amp.  It all sounds very, very good.  I’m listening to Roon/Tidal (MQA, as well) all the time and the musical variety is endless and the quality of the streaming sound is quite remarkable.  I find many streamed recordings indistinguishable from the CD versions that I own.

Leslie - Delaware

Super fast shipping and always great communication, highest ratings, this seller rocks! This power cable is amazing! Arrived today, great!

Daniel – North Carolina

I just wanted to let you know that everything arrived safe and sound and that I appreciate the lengths you went to in order to fulfill my order so quickly.  Other customers of yours may enquire and be interested to know that, per specification, the sMS-200 works perfectly with the Uptone Audio LPS-1 ultra-capacitor power supply.

James - Arizona

The equipment has all arrived safely. Thanks very much for your excellent service! I may have had gripes about Roon, but I have to say, it was trivial to set up, and it sounds great right now.

Ronald - Minnesota

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