H2 Harmonizer System Package

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Having been extremely busy in research and development, we now could create a combined effect of our work on quantum physics together with the technology of the Harmonizer System.
For those who are already familiar with the Harmonizer system this may be hard to believe, but the effect is significant:
The music again plays more liquid, less technical and with a breathtaking realism.

H2 Harmonizer package, a unique achievement to get room acoustics to a perfect state. New series! Harmonizers will come packaged in sets of two, which include:

1 x H2a

1 x H2b

2 x Wall brackets

2 x Black stones

The New Stands

The stands have been completely redesigned, using a 12 mm round polished metal bar and a black lacquered 20mm MDF base with rubber feet that work with any floor. The Harmonizers mount directly to the stands via a threaded insert and screw. 

Blue Sun

The most impressive passive item of the Harmonizer system. Use together with the Harmonizer packages, or even without.

For best results use 5 pieces per room.