dCBL-CAT8 LAN cable

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Network streaming playback technology has quickly become one of most essential functions of sound systems, and is crucial to matching the convenience of network streaming with high quality sound.

The dCBL-CAT6 is a digital interface cable that has been designed and developed to improve the sound quality of network audio devices by minimizing the ‘noise’ (sound deterioration) from the connection ports.

In addition to the improvement of sound quality, the SFTP cable structure allows for faster and more stable transmission with the CAT6. The basic (standard) type LAN connector is made with a completely shielded CAT6 terminal, or you can choose the premium zinc die cast LAN connector.  

The combination of the dCBL-CAT8 with the iSO-CAT6 won’t disappoint, helping you to obtain the highest quality of network audio sound.