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This is for those who will be asked to use of dX-USB HD a high-performance clock module. Products are composed of the power supply circuit and the two clock modules for the clock. The sound of the product which is mounted the clock module that the contours of the sound will be disappeared and the sound will changed with the full of space. If as many of a musical instrument playing the concerts will show its true value.

The biggest differences between the high-performance products and some are otherwise products are the representation of the instrument texture of extremely low frequency, the stage expression, and the big form of tutti that locate well of the instrument and so on. This product has been focused on improving of the part of this development. You will be able to feel the changed sound before the end of one song.

On the market, if we listen to the many of middle and low-cost cables and in some particular bandwidth are the boost and which distorts the sound is a lot of cases. In these cabling rather than shortcomings of the cable may seem.
In order to realize the advantages well of the clock we will recommend the best possible flat cable band.

For the installing the product, we use the process such as sending your product to us that you use previously and we will attach them and after that re-deliver to you. If the customer receive the parts directly and try to work on this there may have possibility for product damages so there be issues such as responsibility for the product damage is unclear.

* If you do the clock upgrade on the dX-USB HD and the product only can be used by the external power.


Operating voltage range
  6.5Vdc ~ 9Vdc (optional 12Vdc input available)
Clock circuit operating Current : 0.3A >
Ultra low noise regulator
Active noise canceller circuit
Transformer isolated clock signal output
Dual independent clock circuit for digital audio system
  sCLK-2224 : 22.5792MHz, 24.576MHz
  sCLK-1124 : 11.2896MHz, 24.576MHz
  Optional other frequency available
Single clock circuit for interface system
  sCLK-12 : 12MHz
  sCLK-48 : 48MHz
  Optional other frequency available
Control input
  Clock select 1 : Low
  Clock select 2 : High
Ultra low noise power output : 5Vdc, 0.5A max